Last Man Standing

Welcome to the Mount Sion Gaa Last Man Standing Page

Last Man Standing Competition

We’re back up and running for Last Man Standing of the  2020/2021 season!!

Competition Rules

1   It’s simple, just pick the winner of one Premier League match each week. If your selection wins you progress to the next week, you have one life if your team loses or draws.

2      All entries must be received via text to Kenny Stafford at 087-6161222

3      Once a selection is made, you will not have the ability to change it.

4      You may not pick the same team to win more than once during the competition.

5      All selections must be received by Kenny no later than midday on Friday of each week.

6      Should you forget to make your selection in any week, you will automatically be assigned a team by alphabetical order that you have not used previously. Once a team is automatically selected, you will not have the ability to change the selection.

7      In the event that any match involving a team you have selected is postponed or cancelled for any reason, you will continue to the next round. However, that team will no longer be available for selection.

8      Should two or more participants remain standing and all are eliminated in the same week, the Last Man Standing prize will be distributed equally among them.

9      Rounds of fixtures may take place on weekends or mid-week, depending on available fixtures. Mount Sion GAA Club will decide which fixtures are included for each round.

10   Should the Tournament not have reached a conclusion by the end of the 2020/2021 Premier League Season, the prize money will be distributed equally among the remaining contestants.

11   Mount Sion GAA Club reserves the right to amend these rules at anytime. Any such revision will be binding and effective immediately on posting of notification of such changes on the website. Your continued use of this game will constitute acceptance of the rules.

Team in red means they lost, team in green means they won and team in black means result pending!

So good luck and enjoy!

Weekly Results





Name (Entry) Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
Team in red means they lost, team in green means they won and team in black means result pending!
Ben Arrigan  Leicester  Leeds  Burnley  Wolves  Chelsea  OUT
Budgie Barrett  Arsenal Everton  Spurs  Chelsea  Leicester  OUT
 Buddy  Spurs  Everton  Chelsea  OUT
 Jamie Barron  Arsenal  Man Utd Sheff Utd  OUT
 Shane Browne  Liverpool  Man Utd  Chelsea  OUT
 Sean Browne  Newcastle  Leicester  Everton  Wolves Spurs   Man City  OUT
Benny Brannigan  Crystal Palace  Newcastle  Spurs  OUT
Neal Brazel Leicester Everton  Chelsea  Wolves  Spurs OUT 
Mark Burns  Newcastle  Leicester  Spurs  Wolves  Chelsea  OUT
Eve Butler  West Ham  Leeds  Everton  Liverpool  OUT
Andrew Burke  Leicester  Everton  Wolves  Southampton  Sheff Utd  OUT
Mia Cleere  Arsenal  Everton  Spurs  Man City  OUT
Seamie Cleere  Leicester  Everton  Chelsea  Wolves  Burnley  OUT
 John Cleere  Chelsea  Arsenal  Spurs  Leicester  OUT
 Adam Cleere  Leicester  Everton  Wolves  Chelsea
 Brian Cody  Arsenal  Everton  Spurs  Southampton  Chelsea  OUT
 Shane Coleman  Leicester  Arsenal  Aston Villa  Wolves  Chelsea  Man City  OUT
 Mandy Conlon  Arsenal  Everton  Man City  Liverpool  OUT
 Jason Cronin  Arsenal  Everton  Aston Villa  Man City  Liverpool  OUT
 Davy Cummins  Newcastle  Everton Man Utd   Southampton  Spurs  Liverpool
 Gary Cunningham Arsenal  Leeds  Fulham  Leicester  OUT
 Martin Curran  Chelsea  Leeds  Spurs  Arsenal  Aston Villa  Liverpool
 Hannah Curran  Spurs  Leeds  Man City  OUT
 Conor Curran  Arsenal  Leeds  Spurs  Aston Villa
 Evan Curran  Chelsea  Leeds  Spurs  Leicester  OUT
 Trish Curran  Newcastle  Everton  Spurs  Wolves  Man City  Liverpool
 John Curran  Arsenal  Leicester  Spurs  Wolves  Chelsea  OUT
 Tara Curran  Chelsea  Leeds  Spurs  Leicester  OUT
 Paddy Curran  Arsenal  Everton  Chelsea  Man City  OUT
 Pat Daniels  Liverpool  Arsenal  Chelsea Leicester   OUT
 Luke Doherty  Leicester  Everton  Spurs Liverpool   OUT
 Dermot Dooley  Arsenal  Man Utd Man City  OUT
 Domo Drennan  Leicester  Everton  Chelsea  Arsenal  Man City  Spurs
 Freddie Drohan  Arsenal  Leicester  Spurs  Liverpool  OUT
 Mark Dunne  West Ham  Newcastle  OUT
 Emma Dunphy  Sheffield Utd  Leeds  Wolves  OUT
 Derek English  Arsenal  Everton  Man City  Wolves  Leicester  OUT
 Maggie Fanning  Leicester  Everton  Aston Villa  Wolves  Chelsea  Liverpool
 Eoin Fanning  Arsenal  Man Utd  Spurs  OUT
 Paraic Fanning  Spurs  Leeds  Man Utd  Liverpool
 Christian Felix  Chelsea  Everton  Wolves  Leicester  OUT
 Peter Finn  Arsenal  Leeds  Spurs  Wolves  Sheff Utd  OUT
 Brian Fitzgerald  Arsenal  Leeds  Chelsea  Everton  Man Utd  Liverpool
 Eoin Fitzgerald  Leicester  Everton  Spurs  Liverpool  OUT
 Gary Fitzgerald  Leicester  Everton  Chelsea  Arsenal  Spurs  OUT
 Paddy Fitzgerald  Liverpool  Arsenal  Chelsea  Man City  OUT
 Jeck Flanagan Leicester  Everton  Spurs  Leicester  OUT
 Mick Flanagan  Arsenal  Man Utd  Spurs  OUT
 Hugh Flanagan  Liverpool  Everton  Spurs  Southampton  Sheff Utd  OUT
 Dessie Flynn  Arsenal  Newcastle  Chelsea  OUT
 John Flynn  Everton  Arsenal  Leeds  Leicester  Aston Villa  Liverpool
 Robbie Flynn  Chelsea  Everton  Sheff Utd  Southampton  Spurs  OUT
 Darragh Flynn  Arsenal  Everton  Chelsea  Wolves  Sheff Utd  OUT
 Mickey Freeman  Arsenal  Everton  Wolves  Leicester  OUT
 Conor Freeman  Arsenal  Leeds  Wolves  Leicester  OUT
 Ricky Freeman  West Ham  Leeds  Spurs  OUT
 Michael Frisby  Liverpool  Leicester  Spurs  Arsenal  Sheff Utd  OUT
 Conor Furlong  Arsenal  Leeds  Spurs  Chelsea Sheff Utd   OUT
 Michael Gaffney  Liverpool  Everton Spurs   Chelsea  Sheff Utd  OUT
 Ian Galgey  Leicester  Newcastle  Spurs  OUT
 Paul Galgey  Liverpool  Leeds  Spurs  Arsenal  Crystal Palace  OUT
 Alan Gallagher  Liverpool  Everton  Chelsea Arsenal   Sheff Utd  OUT
 Seamus Giles  Arsenal  Newcastle  Spurs  OUT
 Tina Gleeson  Chelsea  Leeds  Brighton  Arsenal  Spurs
 Jessica Gleeson  Sheff Utd  Leicester  Chelsea  OUT
 John and Mary Kennedy  Liverpool  Man City Chelsea   Arsenal  Man Utd  Spurs
 Austin Gleeson Snr  Arsenal  Everton  Spurs  Aston Villa  Sheff Utd  OUT
 Austin Gleeson Jnr  Leicester  Newcastle  Spurs  OUT
 Mary Gleeson  Arsenal  Leeds  Man City  Aston Villa  Spurs  OUT
 Jamie Gleeson  Chelsea  Leeds  Spurs  Everton  Leicester  OUT
 Conor Gleeson  Chelsea  Man Utd  Man City  OUT
 Chris Gormley  Spurs  Arsenal  Burnley  OUT
 Collette Gormley  Liverpool  Everton  Leeds  Leicester  Chelsea  OUT
 Leah Gormley  Leicester  Arsenal  Wolves Liverpool   OUT
 Jared Greene  Arsenal  Everton  Chelsea Wolves   Leicester  OUT
 Jim Greene  Leicester  Leeds  Spurs  Liverpool  OUT
 Theresa Greene  Wolves  Everton  Sheff Utd  Arsenal  Aston Villa
 Zita Greene  Leicester  Leeds  Spurs  West Brom OUT 
 Joe Hagan  Chelsea  Southampton  Man City  OUT
 Lee Halligan  Liverpool  Everton  Spurs  Wolves  Chelsea  OUT
 Johnny Hayes  Liverpool  Leeds  Man Utd  Chelsea  Sheff Utd  Spurs
 Abby Hayes  Wolves  Everton  Burnley  Southampton  Chelsea  OUT
 Ger Harte  Newcastle  Spurs  Fulham  Southampton  Sheff Utd  OUT
 Aaron Healy  Arsenal  Leeds  Spurs Wolves   West Brom OUT 
 Tommy Healy  Liverpool  Man City Chelsea   Arsenal
 Courtney Healy  Chelsea  Everton  Spurs  Arsenal
 Laura Heffernan  Southampton  Leeds  Spurs  OUT
 Kevin Heuston  Liverpool  Arsenal  Chelsea  Leicester  OUT
 Eric Hoban  Leicester  Newcastle  Spurs  OUT
 Catherine Jenks  Arsenal  Man City  Man Utd  Chelsea  Liverpool
 Noah Keane  Arsenal  Man City  Man Utd  Everton  Spurs
 David Kearns  Liverpool  Man Utd  Chelsea  OUT
 Sharon Kearns  Arsenal  Leeds  Spurs  Liverpool  OUT
 Noelle Kearns  Liverpool  Chelsea  Man Utd  OUT
 Lisa Kelly  Crystal Palace  Arsenal  Spurs  Southampton
 Pat Kelly  Liverpool  Arsenal  Man City  Chelsea
 Ciaran Kendrick  Liverpool  Everton  Man City  Wolves
 John Kennedy  Arsenal Man City  Chelsea  Everton
 Ciara Keogh  Arsenal  Leicester  Everton  Liverpool  Man City  OUT
 Tommy Kennedy  Arsenal Leeds  Spurs  Man City  OUT
 Adam Kiely  Liverpool  Everton  Spurs  Wolves
 Margaret Kiely  Chelsea  Everton  Man City  Leicester  OUT
 Kevin Kinsella  Arsenal  Leeds  Spurs  Wolves
 Valerie Kinsella  Chelsea  Everton  Spurs  Leicester  OUT
 Maria Lindell  Chelsea  Man City  Spurs Leicester   OUT
 Dave Lindell  Arsenal  Everton  Spurs  Liverpool  OUT
 Daniel Lindell  Arsenal  Everton  Man City  Wolves
 Darragh Lyons  Chelsea  Leeds  Chelsea Leicester   OUT
 Aaron Mackey  Chelsea  Everton  Wolves  Liverpool OUT 
 Evan Mackey  Crystal Palace  Everton  Spurs  Liverpool  OUT
 Nicky Mackey  Arsenal  Leeds  Spurs  Everton
 Jimmy Manning  Liverpool  Everton  Man City  Leicester  OUT
 Liz Malone  Liverpool  Everton  Spurs  Leicester  OUT
 Brian Malone  Chelsea  Arsenal  Everton  Sheff Utd  Man City  OUT
 Conor Malone  Liverpool  Everton  Chelsea Wolves
 Eric Marsh  Liverpool  Arsenal  Sheff Utd  Wolves  Spurs
 Kevin Marsh  Southampton  Everton  Man Utd  Wolves
 Adam Martin  Chelsea  Arsenal  Spurs Wolves 
 Joanne Meaney  West Ham  Everton  Spurs  OUT
 Paul Meaney  Chelsea  Leicester  Spurs  Arsenal  Liverpool
 Molly Meaney  Chelsea  Leeds  Spurs Man City 
 Donnie Meaney  Liverpool  Everton  Chelsea  Arsenal  Spurs
 Conor Meaney  Spurs  Everton  Man City  OUT
 Cian Meaney  Chelsea  Leeds  Fulham  Arsenal
 John Meaney  Chelsea  Everton  Spurs  Liverpool  OUT
 Josie Meaney  Chelsea  Everton  Man Utd  Leicester
 Jamie Meaney  Liverpool  Leeds  Burnley  Leicester  OUT
 Jack Meaney  Chelsea  Leeds  Wolves  Liverpool  OUT
 Rachel Meaney  West Ham  Leeds  Spurs  OUT
 Teresa Meaney  Arsenal  Leeds Wolves   Chelsea
 Mickey Merrigan  Arsenal  Man Utd  Spurs  OUT
 Tara Mooney  Leicester  Man Utd  Everton  Chelsea
 Tomo Moore  Crystal Palace  Everton  Spurs  Chelsea
 Kevin Moran  Arsenal  Everton  Chelsea  Leicester  OUT
 Jim Murphy  Liverpool  Leeds  Chelsea  Arsenal
 Pat Murphy  Spurs  Man Utd  OUT
 Pat McGrath  Chelsea  Man Utd  Spurs  OUT
 Tommy McGrath  Crystal Palace  Everton  Chelsea  Wolves
 Evan McGrath  Chelsea  Leeds Wolves  Everton
 John McGrath  Crystal Palace  Leeds  Wolves  Newcastle
 Darragh McGrath  Leicester  Leeds  Chelsea  Liverpool  OUT
 Kayleigh McGrath  Wolves  Sheff Utd  Everton  Liverpool  OUT
 Jake McGrath  Leicester  Newcastle  Spurs OUT
 Meg Nolan  Chelsea  Leeds  Wolves  Arsenal
 Dave Nolan  Liverpool  Arsenal  Chelsea  Southampton
 Sheamo Nolan  Liverpool  Man Utd  Spurs  OUT
 Michael O’Brien  Liverpool  Leeds  Chelsea  Wolves
 Adam O’Connor  Leicester  Liverpool  Wolves  Everton
 Paul O’Connor  Arsenal  Man Utd  Leeds  Liverpool  OUT
 Jeff O’Donnell  Liverpool  Leeds  Spurs  Wolves
 Jason O’Farrell  Arsenal  Leicester  Spurs  Wolves
 Grainne O’Mahony Arsenal  Everton Spurs   Wolves
 Martin F. O’Neill  Chelsea  Everton  Spurs  Liverpool  OUT
 Emma Hennessy  Leicester  Spurs  Leeds  Wolves  Liverpool
 Ian O’Regan  Arsenal  Leicester  Chelsea  Everton
 Fergie McGuire  Arsenal  Leeds  Man Utd  Wolves
 Jamie O’Meara  Liverpool  Leicester  Spurs  Wolves
 Cian O’Grady  Chelsea  Arsenal  Leeds  Everton
 John O’Keeffe  Liverpool  Leicester  Spurs  Arsenal
 Ian O’Meara  Southampton  Liverpool  Chelsea  OUT
 Tomas O’Cadhla  Chelsea  Arsenal  Spurs  Liverpool  OUT
 Aaron O’Neill  Liverpool  Man Utd  Spurs  OUT
 Martin O’Neill  Crystal Palace  Newcastle  Chelsea  Everton
 Pauline O’Neill  Newcastle  Leicester Sheff Utd   Man City  OUT
 Kaizer O’Neill  Wolves  Arsenal  Burnley  Chelsea  Liverpool
 Stephen O’Neill  Chelsea  Everton  Spurs  Wolves  Arsenal
 Kevin O’Shea  Spurs  Everton  Man City  OUT
 Cian O’Regan  Liverpool  Arsenal  Man City  Everton
 Fintan O’Shea Arsenal  Leicester  Man City  Liverpool  OUT
 Michael Phelan  Leicester  Everton  Spurs  Man City  OUT
 Buddy Power  Spurs  Everton  Spurs  OUT
 Ned Power  Arsenal  Everton  Leeds  Chelsea  Liverpool
 Pugs Power  Spurs  Man Utd  OUT
 Chez Power  Liverpool  Everton  Man City  Arsenal  Brighton  OUT
 Donal Power  Newcastle  Everton  Man Utd  Man City
 Hannah Power  Liverpool  Leeds  Man Utd  Man City
 Ian Power  Liverpool  Everton  Chelsea  Wolves  Arsenal  OUT
 Willy Power  Chelsea  Man Utd  Spurs  OUT
 Fly Power  Arsenal  Leeds  Everton  Wolves  Spurs
 Dave Power  Chelsea  Everton  Spurs  Leicester  OUT
 John Prendergast  Liverpool  Everton  Burnley  Wolves
 Conor Prunty  Chelsea  Man Utd  Man City  OUT
 Eddie Quinn  Arsenal  Leicester  Chelsea  Everton
 Roisin Regan Liverpool  Leeds  Spurs Southampton  Crystal Palace 
 Conor Ryan  Leicester  Everton  Chelsea  Arsenal  Liverpool
 Catherine Ryan  Chelsea  Newcastle Spurs   OUT
 Michael Ryan  Liverpool Everton  Spurs  Newcastle
 Shane Ryan  Arsenal  Everton  Spurs  Everton
 Louise Ryan  Arsenal Spurs  Man Utd  Newcastle  Liverpool
 Sinead Ryan  Liverpool  Arsenal  Chelsea  Everton
 Michelle Ryan  Chelsea  Man Utd  Man City  OUT
 Micheal Ryan  Arsenal  Everton  Spurs  Arsenal
 Ben Ryan  Arsenal  Man Utd  Chelsea  OUT
 Tommy Ryan  Chelsea  Leeds  Man City  Wolves
 Mark Rockett  Liverpool  Everton  Spurs  Arsenal
 Stephen Roberts  Arsenal  Newcastle Fulham   OUT
 Stephen Roche  Chelsea  Arsenal  Spurs  Liverpool  OUT
 Shane Roche  Liverpool Arsenal  Spurs  Everton
 Sean Ryan  Liverpool  Man Utd  Spurs  OUT
 Smiley Ryan  Liverpool  Man Utd  West Ham  Man City  OUT
 Alfie Ryan  Leicester  Leeds  Chelsea  Everton
 Bobby Ryan  Leicester  Spurs  Chelsea  Arsenal
 Paula Ryan  Chelsea  Everton  Spurs  Arsenal
 Christopher Ryan Newcastle  Leeds Wolves   Liverpool  OUT
 Darren Ryan  Chelsea  Leeds  Chelsea  Everton
 Billy Ryan snr  Sheffield Utd  Man Utd  OUT
 Sinead Ryan  Liverpool  Leicester  Spurs  Wolves
 Owen Sauvage  Chelsea  Man Utd  Spurs  OUT
 Tadgh Sauvage  Arsenal  Leicester  Chelsea  Wolves
 Craig Sauvage  Arsenal  Everton  Spurs  Leicester  OUT
 Dan Shanahan  Liverpool  Arsenal  Spurs  Wolves
 Ian Sheridan  Arsenal  Everton  Chelsea  Wolves
 Ciaran Sheridan  Spurs  Arsenal  Chelsea  OUT
 Dylan Sheridan  Liverpool  Arsenal  Chelsea  Leicester  OUT
 Aoife Sheridan  Leicester Man Utd  Chelsea  OUT
 Pamela Stafford  Arsenal  Man City  Chelsea  Leicester  OUT
 Gina Stafford  Chelsea  Leicester  Man Utd  Everton  Spurs
 Paul Stafford  Everton  Arsenal  Man Utd  Leicester
 Mary Stafford  Liverpool  Everton  Spurs  Man City  OUT
 Niall Sullivan  Liverpool  Arsenal  Chelsea  Everton
 Eoin Swift  Chelsea  Arsenal  Man Utd  Liverpool  OUT
 Bobby Swift  Liverpool  Everton  Chelsea  Leicester  OUT
 Shane Taheny  Arsenal  Leicester  Spurs  Everton
 Lee Thornton  Liverpool  Leeds  Spurs Wolves 
 Cormac Tierney  Chelsea  Leeds  Spurs  Wolves
 Conor Tierney  Arsenal  Everton  Spurs  Leicester  OUT
 Eoin Treacy  Arsenal  Leeds  Wolves  Liverpool  OUT
 Owen Tubritt  Arsenal  Everton  Burnley  Man City  OUT
 Kaelin Wall  Southampton  Arsenal  Chelsea  OUT
 Gaz Wallace  Leicester  Everton  Chelsea  Wolves
 Peter Walsh (club)  Crystal Palace  Leeds  Man Utd  Chelsea  Aston Villa   OUT
 Alex Walsh  Wolves  Spurs  Chelsea  Everton
 Peter Walsh  Liverpool  Man Utd  Everton  Chelsea  Spurs
 Brian Walsh  Arsenal  Everton  Spurs  Chelsea  Liverpool
 Alex Walsh  Arsenal  Leeds  Everton  Southampton  Liverpool
 Adam Walsh  Leicester  Arsenal  Chelsea  Arsenal
 Emma Walsh  Chelsea  Everton  Wolves  Southampton
 Stephen Wilmott  Chelsea  Everton  Spurs  Southampton