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The Hurlers of Mount Sion

The song “The Hurlers of Mount Sion” was written by the late Rev. Brother A.S. Malone before the club was founded. It was written by way of tribute to the school team around 1930 but it became the club anthem, and is when the people of Mount Sion gather together at functions and after games whether winning or losing.


You have heard of Sean Og’s Rockies, Kilkenny’s Tullaroan,

you have heard of Limerick’s Eire Og, and Waterford’s Erins Own.

They all rank high in rhyme and song, but now I’ll give you mine,

here life and health, good luck and wealth, to the hurlers of Mount Sion.


Good hurlers come from Limerick, from Waterford and Cork,

from Dublin, Clare, Tipperary, and also from New York,

they all can wield the ash boys, but come on, come with me join,

the best of all, both big and small, are the hurlers of Mount Sion.


Our big and little hurlers are ever loyal and true,

we cheer our best, they do the rest, for the good old white and blue,

our backs are strong and sturdy, likewise our midfield line,

and our forwards set when the ball they get it’s a goal up for Mount Sion



We often win a match boys, and often lose one too,

but we don’t give way, but wait the day, when the good old white and blue,

will float high again to the sky, my men, and we’ll all together join,

and we’ll sing hurrah, we have won the day, for the glory of Mount Sion



Now I am done my song, boys, but yet don’t go away,

through it was a wee bit long, boys, I have one more thing to say,

it’s when we play the final, be the weather wet or fine,

we won’t give up till we win the cup, and bring it to Mount Sion.